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Trade FX, Commodities, Indices, Shares, and many more. Use both on mobile and desktop. Make the most of over 30 pre-installed indicators. Utilize instruments in 9 time-frames. Enjoy an award-winning trading platform.

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Trade FX, Commodities, Indices, Shares, and many more. Use both on mobile and desktop. Make the most of over 80 pre-installed indicators. Utilize instruments in 21 time-frames.


Take your trading to the next level with the highest degree of automation for your charting.

Trading Forex Currency Pairs

Enjoy full access to more than 40 major and minor currency pairs.


The currency pair with the most transactions in the world. It covered 24% of the daily FX trades in the over the counter (OTC) market in 2019. Both currencies are representative of the two largest economies worldwide, which results in high liquidity making this the currency pair with the tightest spreads.


Known as the Gopher and second in trade within the FX market, this currency pair’s liquidity is determined by factors that lead to changes in the Asian stock market. As a result, the Yen gets affected, while the Bank of Japan along with the Federal Reserve are the primary source of influence over the currency pair’s market movement.


Referred to as the Loonie (due to the loon bird on Canadian dollar coins), commodity prices, the main export of Canada being oil, and the interest rate differential between the two countries regulate its liquidity.


The period when this pair is traded most is during economic crises and geopolitical events because its value increases with the rise in market risk, making the Swiss Franc a sort of ground to find back their balance.


This currency pair also emphasizes on commodities and trends show it fluctuates in cycles due to Australia’s exports in minerals, metals, and other commodities. When their prices rise, in a contrasting manner to other currencies, the AUD’s value climbs up as well.


Likely to be considered the oldest in the FX market, the GBP/USD currency pair is historically known as the ‘cable’ because of telegraph wires used for transmitting the orders between New York and London. The employment rate is high in both countries and they are mainly in the service sector, which noticeably affects the countries’ annual GDP.

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